Energy efficiency

Physico, an innovative and
eco-friendly way to cut down your bills

Ideal for preventing the build-up of calcareous scales in all systems and devices that produce hot water, Physico is sized according to the flow rate of the water to be treated, it doesn’t cause pressure loss and it guarantees constant effectiveness over time.

Already installed in thousands of private and public locations, Physico adapts to any kind of new or existing water supply system.

Increased efficiency of the hydraulic system with zero maintenance needed for the treatment

Physico is water that saves money!
From domestic use to large industrial complexes.

Physico offers the perfect solution for the best possible management of sanitation systems, DHW boilers, steam generators, heat exchangers, cooling towers, refrigerator units, ovens, autoclaves and, of course, any kind of household appliance.

Limescale cause huge economic damage.
And that’s not all; they deteriorate and render inefficient:

  • Pipelines
  • Electric resistors
  • Boilers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Evaporative Cooling Towers
  • Condensers

Living water without scales

At the same time, limescale adversely affects the performance of water supply systems and devices, increasing energy consumption. Therefore higher energy and maintenance costs; costs that Physico is able to reduce.

Physico also resolves the environmental issue: its anti-limescale treatment does not use salt, polyphosphates or any other chemicals, and therefore does not pollute wastewater in any way.

Thermodynamics and health

In addition to being a nutrient vector (minerals) for the consumer, water is how we transmit and deliver heat to places designated by us. When we increase the temperature, the dissolved nutrients in water will harden to form solid deposits, commonly known as scale deposits or, more simply, limescale. Due to the different electrical outputs of the metals that make up the heating system, these deposits attach themselves to the walls of the heat exchange (heat exchanger) or, where there is motion or flow, travel in part with the water through the supply system. The more nutrients there are in the water, the harder it is, and therefore more deposits may form when it is heated. Deposits or limescales do not form in demineralised water (not suitable for human consumption), but it is aggressive towards the metals it comes into contact with, eventually corroding them. When deposits form in water that has been heated, it means that its nutrient content is present. When deposits don’t form in water that has been heated, it means that it is not suitable for human consumption, due to its low or zero nutrient content. Nutrient deposits that form in water heating systems drastically reduce the heat exchange output of the clogged surfaces, leading to a reduction in energy efficiency, considerable energy waste and the need for immediate maintenance.

The Physico treatment saves the nutrient content in water for human consumption and reduces or eliminates the possibility of deposits forming in water supply systems.

The health and technical benefits are evident:

  • The original composition of the water remains unaltered after the treatment.
  • Drastic reduction in the formation of deposits, benefiting the energy yield and proper functioning of heating systems.
  • Maintenance-free treatment, guaranteeing constant effectiveness and uninterrupted functionality over time.
  • Significant environmental benefits due to reduced carbon dioxide emissions, leading to improved energy efficiency and subsequent reduction in maintenance and management costs for the water supply system.
  • Absolutely no chemical additives or salt in the treatment, meaning that substances with a strong environmental impact are not discharged in wastewater.
Energy Efficiency

Physico helps you to improve
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