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How Physico works

Technically, Physico is an electromagnetic inductor installed directly on each circuit or through a bypass system. All of the water coming from the main water supply pipeline, intended for the user or users, passes through the magnetically-powered treatment chamber. It is in this chamber that the water is changed, without altering either its appearance or taste, eliminating its most harmful activity - the build-up of calcareous scales - at the same time reducing the presence of pathogenic microorganisms. All thanks to a refined and minimally invasive technology that only acts where necessary and with complete respect for the environment.

But how does the process take place?

Analysis and studies carried out by leading Italian research laboratories, together with the Quality mark issued by IMQ, testify that during the water heating stage, the Physico system induces the precipitation of calcium carbonate crystals with regular geometric shapes (Aragonite), which are significantly smaller. This simple condition drastically reduces the build-up of calcareous scales.



Physico has obtained certification for the validity of the treatment from major research laboratories. A great achievement for those like us at Tecnoacque, who work for innovation and the environment every day. The certification of the tests performed on Physico’s action against the build-up of calcareous scales, as well as on the wholesomeness of the water, is not only a guarantee for users, but also for designers and installers, because they know they can rely on the excellence of Italian research and on acting ethically and responsibly.

Three advantages: health, water supply systems and environment!

By choosing to install Physico you can avoid the negative aspects and drawbacks of other treatment systems (such as the presence of salt, polyphosphates and other chemical agents in the water, or the creation of demineralized water, great for the iron but not for humans, or low mineral content water that can cause cramps, weakness and nausea), and it guarantees excellent water that doesn’t create calcareous scales in your systems and household appliances; a true source of health that is rich in beneficial goodness.

If your aqueduct uses innovative ozone or UV disinfection systems to purify the water it distributes, don’t read the following lines: the mostly widely used purification system adds chlorine to the water. Physico doesn’t remove it, but it can give you some good advice: put the water in a bottle a couple of hours before drinking it, together with a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. By the time you are ready to drink it, the chlorine will have disappeared and the water will taste better and be more refreshing.

Physico, living water without scales; removes the limescale and leaves the water: a simple concept, yet essential in ensuring the consumer’s health, energy savings and the proper functioning of systems and household appliances.

  • Physico drastically reduces the build-up of calcareous scales in the hydraulic system, without changing the chemical composition of the water it is treating in any way, thereby improving heat exchange in countless heating devices.
  • Water that is ecologically treated with Physico only presents the crystallisation of calcium carbonate in the form of Aragonite, in the measure of 100% compared to Calcite, with smaller crystals than those that form without treatment.
  • The variation in the crystal structure of calcium carbonate means that cohesion is no longer possible, and therefore neither is the build-up of calcareous scales in hydraulic circuits.

Comparing techniques

Before the entry into force of the current legislation, it was possible to unwittingly put the health of users at risk with treatment systems or additives that changed the chemical composition of the water, classifiable as functional from a technical point of view (despite their contraindications) but not from a health one.

An example of technical functionality is the so called "softener", which replaces the Calcium naturally present in water with Sodium, creating water that is hypertensive (which increases blood pressure) and corrosive to the metal components of the system due to the increase in electrical conductivity induced by the Sodium, and where the less noble metal in the system is corroded with a tenfold speed increase.

Therefore, although the elimination of the Calcium prevents the build-up of limescale deposits, the water is so depleted of Minerals that it is no longer potable or suitable for human consumption.
It is also important to point out that Calcium has a basic function in the water of the system, having the capacity, as a chemical buffer, to reduce the corrosive effects in metals.

An osmotizer, another treatment system that is able to supply lots of "pure" water, is completely unsuitable for water intended for human consumption, as it is totally devoid of its precious contents. Notwithstanding the fact that technical tricks can be used to remix the demineralized water with water that is untreated, thereby restoring acceptable water parameters, what sense is there in removing everything from the water to then enrich it with the original source?
Even if chemical additives (polyphosphates) are stated to be "alimentary", they are automatically excluded from the regulations that provide for the obligation for all users, water supply system managers, apartment block administrators, public places, hotels, restaurants, communities and food industries to maintain the same nutritious / mineral levels delivered at the point of entry right through to the tap or point of use.


  • The water treatment carried out with Physico prevents the build-up of limescale deposits in newly constructed water supply systems and gradually decreases deposits in existing systems.
  • At the same time, due to a special frequency band and the intensity of the emission, it reduces the total bacteria count in the water by 60-70%.
  • It is a physical system that uses an electromagnetic field, and is therefore completely eco-friendly. The treatment is carried out without the use of any chemical additives or salts, does not require any maintenance, and its effectiveness remains unchanged over time.
  • In addition to safeguarding our health and the energy efficiency of our water supply systems, the water that we put back into the environment is exactly the same as when we received it.

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