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Physico, patented by Tecnoacque, is the most environmentally friendly treatment for water intended for human consumption and industrial technical use. Its natural action, offering constant and unaltered effectiveness over time, dramatically reduces the build-up of calcareous scales and acts effectively against the proliferation of bacteria.

Physico is at the cutting edge of efficiency and cost savings

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a home depends on the evaluation of an entire series of factors, on the basis of which the property is put into an energy class that can also have a significant impact on the value of the property itself.

However, it’s all very well installing window and door frames with high insulation performance, but if the boiler, the heart of an energy supply system, is unable to reach optimal performance because it is hindered by the presence of limescale, there will only be a relative reduction in costs.
Only with Physico, which is Energy Performance Certified, can the boiler fulfil its potential for maximum energy savings.



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Device for the treatment of water intended for human consumption and technical use in compliance with European Directive 98/83 / EC, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 31of February 2, 2001, pursuant to Italian Ministerial Decree No. 25 of February 7 on water for human consumption.
HACCP (Hazard-Analysis and Critical Control Points): EC REGULATION 852/2004 published on 29 April 2004.
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The electromagnetic induction that takes place in the water as it flows through the Physico system has a dual effect: physical and biological.

    The crystalline deposits that form during the water heating stage are much smaller than those in untreated water. This new physical form reduces the aggregation of the crystals, drastically reducing the build-up of limescale deposits in the areas of the system where heat transfer occurs (heat exchanger). It follows that all of the heating devices present less deposits, improving the transfer of heat, optimising energy efficiency and therefore requiring less maintenance due to obstructions caused by limescale deposits.
    Thanks to the electromagnetic induction that takes place in the water during the Physico treatment, the total bacteria count present is reduced by 60-70%. This is an important factor, as it averts the risk of bacterial proliferation that is found in other treatment systems.

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