Acqua e salute

Water and health

Salus per Aquam - health through water - so said the ancient Romans. And this is still true today: water - good water - that comes down from the mountains or rises from the depths of the earth, is still, as it was two thousand years ago, the bringer of well-being.
It flows from the taps, and together with the thirst quenching pleasure of a refreshing drink, it offers a range of precious minerals, especially calcium, potassium and magnesium; the same as those found in vegetables, fruits, milk, legumes and oilseeds, recommended by nutritionists and important studies, which not only highlight their nutritional properties but also the fact that they offer protection against various diseases, above all heart and cardiovascular diseases, but also cancer and chronic degenerative diseases.

Water distributed by aqueducts is good and safe: this is guaranteed by the strict controls required by the laws in force, which are far more stringent than those applied to bottled mineral water. So why deprive yourself of a source of health and energy that is so cheap and easy to come by, with just one problem: limescale.
But Physico is here to take care of that; it is the only anti-limescale treatment that does not affect the chemical and biological composition of the water, and which also exerts effective and continuous bactericidal activity.

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Health in a glass

Water distributed by aqueducts is strictly controlled, but Physico improves its action, and by eliminating limescale deposits and exerting its bactericidal activity, it also improves the water itself, at the same time fully respecting its properties: life from water!

Health in a glass
Water is good for us and essential in preventative health

Water is good for us and essential in preventative health

Water is a nutrient that is vital to our survival because it contains dissolved minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Fixed Residue, all of which are beneficial, healthy and essential nutrients. It is the aqueduct company’s responsibility to provide water intended for human consumption with these characteristics, and it is subject to strict control standards on a continuous basis, much higher than those required for mineral waters. Numerous international epidemiological studies have shown that water low in minerals increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and chronic illnesses.

The same studies show that in geographic areas served with water that is high in minerals, therefore harder, there is lower mortality from heart disease.

It has therefore been proved that the Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Fixed Residue present in water for human consumption not only contribute to the maintenance of bone mass, but also offer a high level of protection against heart and cardiovascular diseases, as well as against those affecting the digestive tract and brain.

These elements are also easily absorbed by the body: it is not high calcium content in water that leads to the formation of kidney or bladder stones, but an acidic urine pH, which indicates that calcium is being eliminated by the body, just one of the causes of osteopenia and osteoporosis. In these cases, to compensate for the elimination of calcium, drinking water with a high level of fixed residue, containing good doses of calcium and magnesium, is recommended.

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