Laboratory tests

Test and check performed by research laboratoires

Analysis of limescale deposit on dry residue (at 180°C) performed by electron microscope.

Water as it is

Calcite: 40% - Aragonite: 60%
CALCITE: rhombohedral Calcium Carbonate
crystal with strong cohesive and adhesive properties.

Water treated with Physico®

Calcite: 0% - Aragonite: 100%
ARAGONITE: needle-like Calcium Carbonate
crystal with weak cohesive and adhesive properties.

Visual inspection of the external condition of
copper heat exchangers after the test conducted by the University of Padua

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Heating coil with untreated water
Calcite: 30%
Aragonite: 70%

Heating coil with treated water
Calcite: 0%
Aragonite: 100%

Electron microscope images inside the heat exchanger
after testing by the University of Padua.

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Calcium carbonate crystals 10÷20 μm thick

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Calcium carbonate crystals 0,03 μm thick

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Pipe before the installation of Physico®

Pipe after the installation of Physico®

In order to certify the effectiveness of the results, the Physico® anti-limescale water treatment system has been extensively tested and certified by the Universities of Padua and Milan.

The different crystallisation process induced by the treatment leads to a drastic reduction in the strength of cohesion between the crystals, thereby reducing the build-up of limescale.

Results obtained through microbiological tests

Microbiological tests carried out by laboratories certify that Physico® produces a constant and effective bactericidal action which reduces the pathogenic micro-organisms found in water.

Effect of the electromagnetic field on the total bacteria count in well water at 37°C
A: Untreated water
B: Treated water

Effect of the electromagnetic field on faecal coliforms in river water
A: Untreated water
B: Treated water

Effect of the electromagnetic field on the total amount of coliforms
A: Untreated water
B: Treated water

Verification tests for practical application in a boiler service centre




Physico® has obtained certification for the validity of the treatment from major research laboratories. A great achievement for those like us at Tecnoacque, who work for innovation and the environment every day. The certification of the tests performed on Physico’s action against the build-up of limescale, as well as on the wholesomeness of the water, is not only a guarantee for users, but also for designers and installers, because they know they can rely on the excellence of Italian research and on acting ethically and responsibly.


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