A treatment in compliance with
the health regulations in force

Legislative Decree no. 31 of 02/02/01, in implementation of Council Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption, clarifies that this water is considered a nutrient and that it must be safeguarded as such.

The Decree, which applies to everyone, both private and public subjects, as well as apartment block administrators, managers of hotels and restaurants, communities and the food industry, which are liable, in the case of non-compliance, for significant financial and criminal penalties, in place since December 25, 2003, fixes various parameters, among which the maximum concentration of Sodium at 200 mg / l and the recommended concentration of Calcium, between 15 and 50 ° F.

Precise limits, confirming the importance of Calcium in the diet and in offering protection against hypertension and cardiovascular disease, as well as the danger resulting from the excessive presence of Sodium, not only because it is hypertensive if ingested, but also as it increases the electrical conductivity of water, thereby favouring the phenomena of electrical corrosion of the metals present in the water supply system.

  • To protect WATER AS A NUTRIENT and human health, numerous regulations and guidelines have been issued by national, international and global WHO organisations.
  • Decrees
  • Directives
  • WHO guidelines
  • With the aim of preserving our health, current health regulations provide for severe financial and criminal penalties, and impose that all users, whether civil, public or within food industries, maintain the quality of the water supplied to them (point of entry) right through to the tap or point of use. In the food industry, regulations also stipulate that foods must be processed exclusively with the use of water for human consumption, thereby improving the heat exchange in numerous heating devices.

The reference health regulations currently in force are:


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